Miss Europe Continental 2022 super beauty show for the world

Miss Europe Continental super beauty show for the world

It is the Swiss Barbara Suter the winner of Miss Europe Continental 2022

for the European title, the prestigious international beauty contest of the

patron Alberto Cerqua. The edition, conducted by Veronica Maya at the Mostra

d’oltremare of Naples, with sent from the backstage Antonella Salvucci, has seen

in jury the actresses Imma Pirone, Raffaella Dicaprio and Eleonora Pieroni, and

the popular Maria Monsé. And after the forced stop of more than two years for the

pandemic, on 23, 26 and 29 April and on 2 and 5 May other 5 finals and 5 ranges for

5 different winners, have seen in the TV show (aired on multiple broadcasters of the planet

the planet) with girls from all over the world and between conduction and

jury, have alternated the top model Laura Tresa, and then Milena Miconi, the

Salvucci and the Monse’, and as fixed jurors, the known actor Massimiliano

Morra and the model Tanya La Gatta. On all occasions, “the Olympics of beauty

beauty” conceived by Cerqua have confirmed their media appeal,

confirming itself as a great success of public and insiders.

An international kermesse now coveted and in great growth.

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