The Miss Europe Continental Beauty Olympics are back, the historic beauty contest conceived by the patron Alberto Cerqua and conducted by Veronica Maya, staged in the frame of the Campania region.

The Miss Europe Continental Beauty Olympics are back, the historic beauty contest conceived by the patron Alberto Cerqua and conducted by Veronica Maya, staged in the frame of the Campania region.

After the success of the tenth edition, the Contest proposes a global format

for the 2023 edition, welcoming beauty queens from all over Europe and

the world. Do not miss the appointment at the Mostra d’Oltremare for the

European Final, which will be held on November 5 at the Mediterranean


Following the global stages of the Contest staged at the Sant’Aniello Theater,

here are the dates to mark on your agenda: November 17th World Edition;

November 20 Global Edition; November 23 International Edition;

November 26 Planet Edition; November 29 Multinational Edition.

Also this year, therefore, the Contest takes up the concept of the

international event: six crowns for six

different editions. The contestants in the competition will parade on the

coveted stage each representing their

nation and only six of them will return to their country with the crown and

sash of Miss Europe Continental

2023, one for each edition. A great personal satisfaction and above all an

incomparable opportunity for such

young girls but with a big dream in the drawer. In fact, it is now a certainty

that the Competition, available on

Prime Video and already mentioned by well-known conductors by Barbara d’Urso, is the perfect springboard

to emerge in the world of fashion and entertainment: every year the

candidates obtain such visibility as to be

guests of the best-known television programs and fashion weeks, abroad

and in Italy.

The Red Carpet is eagerly awaited, where many VIPs and well-known faces

from the show will not be

missing: for the moment, the Contest is limited to announcing important

presences and great news in the cast

of the 2023 edition, with the promise of revealing more soon.

Miss Europe Continental 2022 super beauty show for the world

Miss Europe Continental super beauty show for the world

It is the Swiss Barbara Suter the winner of Miss Europe Continental 2022

for the European title, the prestigious international beauty contest of the

patron Alberto Cerqua. The edition, conducted by Veronica Maya at the Mostra

d’oltremare of Naples, with sent from the backstage Antonella Salvucci, has seen

in jury the actresses Imma Pirone, Raffaella Dicaprio and Eleonora Pieroni, and

the popular Maria Monsé. And after the forced stop of more than two years for the

pandemic, on 23, 26 and 29 April and on 2 and 5 May other 5 finals and 5 ranges for

5 different winners, have seen in the TV show (aired on multiple broadcasters of the planet

the planet) with girls from all over the world and between conduction and

jury, have alternated the top model Laura Tresa, and then Milena Miconi, the

Salvucci and the Monse’, and as fixed jurors, the known actor Massimiliano

Morra and the model Tanya La Gatta. On all occasions, “the Olympics of beauty

beauty” conceived by Cerqua have confirmed their media appeal,

confirming itself as a great success of public and insiders.

An international kermesse now coveted and in great growth.

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There is wind of news for the now historic international beauty contest Miss Europe Continental, which for the

first time it opens its doors to the whole world, going beyond the European borders.

The Patron of the Competition Alberto Cerqua announces the Tenth Edition of the Beauty Olympics, a series

of events as usual hosted by the city of Naples, of unprecedented or equal splendor

in the current panorama of the show.

As previously announced, alongside the usual and well-known European Final, Miss Europe

Continental will produce five more shows of a global character, visible to all on the television platform

NCG Television International.

The pause imposed by the pandemic has caused important changes, Miss Europe Continental like

every other television production had to revise its schedule and make changes

significant at the shows, always giving priority to the safety and needs of the candidates.

In this regard and making the necessary assessments following the evolution of the pandemic situation a

worldwide, the organization has decided to postpone the date of the shows for a few months, so that from

every country in the world girls can travel in total safety and without any difficulty to be

present at the event.

Postponing the shows for a few months is a small change but absolutely necessary, because it is

important that every girl has a chance to take this journey and we don’t want to

absolutely that even one of our candidates is limited in this sense, since it is highly

likely that between November and December some countries still limit international travel – as he declares

the Patron announcing the official dates and names of the Tenth Edition shows below:

Miss Europe Continental European Final from 5 to 10 April 2022

Miss Europe Continental World Edition from 21 April to 24 April

Miss Europe Continental Global Edition from 24 April to 27 April

Miss Europe Continental International from April 27th to April 30th

Miss Europe Continental Planet Edition from 30 April to 3 May

Miss Europe Continental Multinational from 3 May to 6 May

The shows are all organized by the company Miss Europe Continental, follow one another and take place in

separate dates, since each of them will see a winner elected who will carry the

independent title of that particular event.

It is often mistakenly assumed that among the six events there is a main one, of a higher level, and that the others

are secondary and of a lower level. This idea is completely wrong and the organization is keen to clarify

that each of the shows will be organized and followed by the same professional team and that the standards of

production, as well as the program and the facilities that will host the candidates of all the shows, are

exactly the same.

In fact, although it seems impossible for the same company to organize six shows in the same period and all of them

of high level, this is not an aspect that worries the Miss Europe Continental team, which on the contrary has been working for more than a year now for the production of these events, and has taken advantage of the lost time to make improvements and make the show even grander than it already was.

In summary, Miss Europe Continental awaits you next Spring for the new magnificent Tenth Edition, to amaze you once again with the usual beauty and elegance, this time with an extra gear. After all, Spring is a reminder of how cool change can be!

“Viaggio a Sorpresa” con Lino Banfi e Ronn Moss presentato a “Il Salotto delle Celebrità” al Lido di Venezia

“Viaggio a Sorpresa” con Lino Banfi e Ronn Moss presentato a “Il Salotto delle Celebrità” al Lido di Venezia

Presentato presso Il Salotto delle Celebrità “Viaggio a Sorpresa” l’ultimo

progetto cinematografico che ha visto protagonisti Lino Banfi e Ronn

Moss, girato tra gli Stati Uniti e la Puglia con tutto il cast presente Mayra

Pietrocola, Paolo Sassanelli, Marit Nissen, Mirko Bruno e Totò Onnis

intervistati da Antonella Salvucci. Il film è stato prodotto dalla Bros Group

Italia, DevRonn Enterprises di Los Angeles e la BCC San Marzano di Pugli.

Prima di sfilare sul Red Carpet, tutto il cast degli attori è stato accolto nell’hospitality “Il Salotto delle Celebrità” dove un team di esperti hair stylist, make-up artist e nails expert ha avuto il piacere di prendersi cura dei prestigiosi ospiti e prepararli per il Red Carpet e la Cena di Gala Cinema & Industria tenutosi in Terrazza Biennale.

“Il Salotto delle Celebrità”, l’hospitality promossa da AG Agency Management di Alessandro Grifa in collaborazione con Tiziano Cavaliere, direttore artistico di Bros Group Italia, è stata la grande novità della 78° edizione della rassegna cinematografica internazionale proponendo un nuovo format di intrattenimento per personaggi famosi e vip, accogliendoli in un ambiente rilassante e informale per far vivere al meglio la permanenza in città e prepararli per gli eventi a cui sono stati invitati.

Un ringraziamento speciale va a tutti gli sponsor che hanno reso possibile la realizzazione del format: Stili di Puglia, Danié Made in Sicily, Abstrackt, 4D Color, Marina C., Maltenano, pHformula Italy, Ronn Moss Wine, Dott.ssa Rossella Berloco, Cosmo Social Media Agency, Senza Rughe, Maria Gattolin, Il Mito dei Fiori, InsurancePro, WeSharing-GO, Carlo Forti, Daniele Giovani Milano, Miriam Tirinzoni, Mani da Favola, Myrò Wine, The Iceman il Cubetto Perfetto, Atelier 23, Anna Spinato Azienda Vinicola Winery, Laura Visentin Contemporary Jewelry, Perfume Specialist Venezia, Mario Berta Battiloro, Amura Lab, La Bauta, Samuela Viero Double Couture, Martina Vidal Venezia, The Merchant of Venice, Zenzero Hair & Beauty, Ellius Jewelry, Marroccoli Gourmet, Terre Divinae e Puglia Sapori. Preziosa l’accoglienza di vip e celebrities presso rinomate strutture ricettive veneziane come Palazzo Nani Mocenigo, Il Palazzo Experimental e l’Hotel Metropole.