After a journey in fashion and marketing for 17 years, the influencer over Anny Cento is making her way more and more in the world of social media. In his profiles, in fact, he communicates to his followers everything he does and thus attracts their sympathy.

“I’m over 50, but I think I carry my years well. I train, I do gymnastics, I really like aesthetics. Any criticisms do not scare me. Obviously I appreciate the constructive ones more. I am a stubborn person; I know what I want to do and where I want to go. Appearing is part of me, I can’t help it. I’m vain, all this doesn’t scare me. I think I’m simple; I communicate with people in my simplicity. I don’t invent anything in my stories; I talk about the things that happen to me. Followers are thrilled. The main strategy I use is to be myself ”.

Anny Cento defines her extravagant simplicity, because she personalizes clothes and costumes on herself. Look for an exclusive for herself. When I have to make a dress, she is always looking for the fabrics, the right products that suit her.

“I studied fashion. I like the 1700s. The laces, the laces look good on me. Obviously, I don’t go out dressed up as if we were in the eighteenth century, but I associate modernity with this. I love to change. That’s probably why people like my extravagance. As an influencer, I also notice that you have to be very careful with language, which is important. Respect must always be given to those who follow. Personally, I am for freedom. Everyone in respect can do anything. I respect and do not judge, because first of all I want to be respected and not judged ”.

Anny has many hobbies: from fitness to pole dance, through jogging, swimming. Experience new things all the time. “I’ve always had a passion for sport. I love walking and anyone who knows me knows it. I try to have a good body. I’m not even against aesthetics. If one makes an intervention to improve, aesthetics are welcome. People tell me that I am sensual, which is a trait that I consider extremely important. As a woman, but I like to be sensual. I search for dresses, the right heel, sheath dresses, accessories, combinations. All this is done by the woman, with her perfume ”. If there were any proposals on television, Anny would not disdain them. For example, he would gladly accept to be a columnist to talk about fashion or communication. “Of course, fashion is a subject that I have always liked, that I have studied, and I have no problem dealing with it. It changes all the time, but we also know that it always goes back to the past. Fashion comes and goes, always ”.

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